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The 2017-2018 FSNA Board of Directors:

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President: Kevin Thornton 

President-Elect: Julie Hedine, SNS

Secretary/Treasurer: Judy Coomer

Administrative/Supervisory Section Chair: Kandy Messenger, SNS

Employee/Manger Section Chair: Jennie Cheesman

Region I Director: Vacant

Region II Director: Valerie Chun

Region II Director-Elect: Marsha Nelson

Region III Director: Theresa King

Region IV Director: Rita Lewis

Region IV Director-Elect: Tony Jenkins

Region V Director: Paul Ingram

Region VI Director: Della Myerez

Region VI Director-Elect: Cathy Uzar

Region VII Director: Mary Scattergood

2016-2018 SIP Representative: Matthew Taylor

SIP Representative-Elect: Lisa McCarty

State Agency Advisor: Lakeisha Hood

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