Florida School Nutrition Association What's In Your Lunch?

About FSNA

General Information

Mission Statement
"To advance child nutrition programs that promote wellness and academic success, while promoting leadership development opportunities to members."

Objectives of the Association

  • Promote the optimal health, nutrition, and education of all children by supporting nutritionally adequate and educationally sound, financially accountable, nonprofit child nutrition and school community nutrition programs.
  • Promote high standards for child nutrition and school community nutrition programs with emphasis on nutritionally adequate meals which are appealing to children.
  • Promote united efforts between school personnel, allied organizations, industry and the public to assure every child an opportunity to receive the benefits of the child nutrition and nutrition education programs.
  • Promote high standards, provide appropriate educational programs, incentives, and recognition for professional development of child nutrition personnel.
  • Promote research and development in child nutrition programs.
  • Promote the establishment of a national nutrition policy and legislation which provides optimal nutrition education for children.
  • Promote the involvement of students and the school community in child nutrition programs.
  • Promote membership and provide services to members.

2018-2019 State Plan of Action


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