Managers Lead to Succeed Bootcamp


Prep, Serve, Clean and Repeat – it’s a whole lot of work! Everyday school nutrition cafeteria managers lead their teams to deliver healthy meals … carefully following recipes … ordering food … managing inventory … adhering to food handling and prep regulations. All of this while interacting with children and managing their team and other school personnel to create a positive lunchroom experience that drives participation.

The Florida School Nutrition Association, in collaboration with the SNA Foundation’s LEAD to Succeed™ initiative, is offering the FSNA Managers Lead to Succeed Bootcamp. This 7-hour management immersion is designed to give new and experienced cafeteria managers information, tools and practice time to help them manage their team. The focus of this training is understanding oneself, goal setting and time management, and communication.

For new managers they’ll understand the importance of their role, learn vital organizational and goal setting methods, and deep dive into communicating confidently and effectively.

For experienced managers this training will affirm their strategies and validate good practices, help them sharpen skills that need improvement and provide entirely new insights.

Are your managers just surviving or are they thriving? It’s up to you!

This bootcamp is free but a $20 processing fee is required. It will be held at the same time as the FSNA annual conference and include a free pass to the FSNA 2022 Expo. To see the agenda click here.

The bootcamp is also available to managers who are registered for the annual conference. It takes place during the same periods as the breakout sessions.

The content for the FSNA Managers Lead to Succeed Bootcamp is careful curated to meet the needs of what managers are going through now… high turnover, team building, constantly changing rules and policies.


Stay tuned for more information!