Our Mission

To advance child nutrition programs that promote wellness and academic success,
while promoting leadership development opportunities to members.

We are school nutrition employees, managers, directors, registered dietitians, nutritionists, and industry members in Florida united by our mission that all students have access to healthy, good tasting, fresh and affordable school meals.

Why you should serve on the FSNA Board of Directors

We are looking for members who want to serve the Florida School Nutrition Association — keeping it strong and relevant. FSNA is a large, dynamic association; it needs a diverse, dedicated and energetic group of people to lead it. Here’s why you should nominate yourself today.

1. Professional Development
Have you thought about boosting your skills and professional potential? Serving on a board is a resume BUILDER! Serving on the Board will provide opportunities for you to speak in front of groups of people, work on projects, travel to new places, network with people from other districts, gain knowledge about strategic planning and exercise teamwork & leadership skills.

2. Strengthen Relationships and Build New Ones
You have a better chance to get ahead in your career if you have a good network of contacts. You can ask fellow board members if they know of positions that are open, or apply for positions that are open in their district. As a result of your work with fellow board members, they will be more open to giving you leads or even making introductions.

Where is your Leadership Journey taking you? Could serving on the FSNA Board be the next step? Nominate yourself or one of your friends today! Click here to download the form.

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Who's excited for the school year to end?

State of the Association 

FSNA 2018-2019 President, Julie Hedine, reflects on her time as President and all of the association's accomplishments this past year under her guidance.

Thank you Julie for your service and dedication to FSNA!