Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year!


Our Mission

To advance child nutrition programs that promote wellness and academic success,
while promoting leadership development opportunities to members.

We are school nutrition employees, managers, directors, registered dietitians, nutritionists, and industry members in Florida united by our mission that all students have access to healthy, good tasting, fresh and affordable school meals.

Recent Updates

  • If you need CEUs, we have you covered. Check out our October Week of Training page to learn more!

  • We are hosting a Study Group to help those preparing to take the SNS Credential exam in March. If you'd like to join, email Jess at [email protected]

  • Our two ListServs are up and running! There is one for managers and one for directors/supervisors. To be added or to get more info, please contact Jess.






Stepping up to the plate

In times of crisis, it is clear to see who society’s most essential personnel are. The extraordinary work of School Nutrition Professionals, both on the front lines and back at the district offices, should not go unnoticed. As we all know, some kids depend on school food, and would be left vulnerable if it weren’t for the quick and efficient response of School Nutrition Professionals. Thank you for harnessing the courage to stand up in the face of uncertainty, and for continuing your dedication to school food nutrition and the mission we represent. 

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Starting January, 2020, FSNA will advertise your job opening for a small fee of $50. Your advertisement will be posted on our website and our weekly issue of TidBits for 30 days, or until your closing date! This is a great way to reach your target employee base and find someone who’s perfect for the job.

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