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Our Mission

To advance child nutrition programs that promote wellness and academic success,
while promoting leadership development opportunities to members.

We are school nutrition employees, managers, directors, registered dietitians, nutritionists, and industry members in Florida united by our mission that all students have access to healthy, good tasting, fresh and affordable school meals.

FSNA Pre-Conference Sessions: Two Great Options!

On Thursday, October 10th before the annual conference begins attendees can choose between a session on gender identity and diversity or take a field trip to a local high school and tour a newly re-engineered cafeteria.

Join Palm Beach County Health Education Specialist, Pete Stewart, for an insightful session that will help attendees understand gender identity definitions and diversity. Attendees will also learn how they can help make their district offices, schools, and cafeterias more inclusive and welcoming. The presentation will include inclusive instructional materials and policies, inclusive staff and inclusive clubs and activities, all of which research indicates; lead to more acceptance, decreased absenteeism, increased connection to school, and increased academic performance… for all students.

Attendees in the mood for a field trip can drive to near-by John I. Leonard High School to learn how Palm Beach County re-engineered their lunchroom to increase efficiency in service, improve production, and boost lunchtime enjoyment [and participation]. And to make it a total revolution – they redesigned their menus to include more interesting options, focused on culinary trends and on what students really want. The group will meet up at the school auditorium for a presentation, and then walk to the lunchroom for a tour and refreshments – taken straight from the new menus. Click here to view the whole schedule.

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Are you ready for a trip to paradise...

If so, be prepared to enjoy three-days of “School Nutrition in Paradise” at our 2019 Annual Conference & Expo Oct. 10 -12 in West Palm Beach, Florida. Check out the Schedule to see what fun we will have under the sun!