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Joining FSNA means belonging to a state-wide community of professionals that make a difference in children’s lives every day. You’ll have the backing of the association as you grow and build your profession and future.

There are many great benefits of belonging to FSNA. Take advantage of the top 6:

  1. Educational conferences tailored to your needs and professional standards.
  2. Legislative and advocacy efforts to protect your profession.
  3. Relationship building with key stakeholders and industry representatives.
  4. Professional development scholarships for you and your team.
  5. A subscription to FSNA’s information-packed weekly e-newsletter, TidBits.
  6. Access to the latest news and updates on the FSNA website.

While you’re working hard to help feed the next generation, we’re working hard to make sure you have the resources to succeed.

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District Directors - show your support by opening a District Owned Membership!

Give your district the gift of career advancement by opening a School District Owned Membership (SDM). We believe you and your staff deserve access to these resources. By opening an SDM with us, you're supporting your staff and the association, making it possible for us to continue with our mission of advancing child nutrition programs and promoting leadership opportunities for our members. Email us to get started! 

What's in it for you?

Training and professional development, networking, leadership opportunities, legislative support, scholarships and grants, awards...we could list them all, but don't take our word for it. Listen to what other members have to say:

No really...what's in it for you?

Weekly TidBits e-newsletter

Stay up-to-date with what's happening around the state and across the country regarding school food service and nutrition. See job postings and be the first to know when registrations open and deadlines approach for various FSNA events/activities.

FSNA Conference Discounts

FSNA currently offers four statewide conferences a year. These conferences exist to help school food service attendees work towards their SNA CEUs and USDA Professional Standards, advocate for school food at the state level, bring industry partners and school food service employees together, provide networking opportunities, and develop leaders. Why pay more for these conferences? As an active member, you'll receive discounts greater than the FSNA membership dues!

Recognition for your hard work - the FSNA Scholarships & Awards Program

FSNA members are eligible to receive many different scholarships, grants, and awards through the FSNA Scholarships & Awards program. Check out the Scholarships & Awards webpage for more details. 

Leadership and Volunteer Opportunities

Members have the opportunity to fill various leadership and volunteer roles in their local chapters as well as on the state level. Grow professionally through these service opportunities and give back to your association!

Entertainment Discounts

BIG Savings through Tickets at Work! As an active member, you'll enjoy discounts to Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Universal Orlando, Seaworld, Busch Gardens, Cirque Du Soleil, Six Flags, and many, many more! Click here to view these discounts!


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