FSNA Board of Directors

2021-2022 Board of Directors

Jud Crane




Lora Gilbert




Caron Rowe

 Kevin Thornton
Director Chair

Nikki Hawthorne
Director Chair-Elect





Administrative/Supervisory Chair



Amy Hayden

Administrative/Supervisory Chair-Elect

Valerie Chun
FS Employee/Manager Chair


Pete Ryan
SIP Representative

Shaun Kitchen
SIP Representative-Elect

John Tyre 
Region I Director

Connie Irby
Region II Director


Rose Marie Aiello
Region III Director


Amy Medina
Region IV Director

Audra Young-Wright
Director At-Large 1


Bonnie Rawlins
Director At-Large 2

Kathy Schmitt
Region II Director-Elect


Ed Wells
Region IV Director-Elect

Tratika Morgan
Director At-Large 2-Elect



Lakeisha Hood

State Agency Advisor

Martina Brawer
Executive Director



Nominations and Elections


2022-2023 Board of Directors Election
 Voting is now closed, the winners will be announced shortly.