2019-2020 Board of Directors

The 2020-2021 Election Results are in! Special thanks to all of our nominees for stepping up to the plate and volunteering their time to help FSNA succeed. Their dedication to the association makes it stronger for all members.

Are you interested in serving on the FSNA Board? FSNA is a large, dynamic association; it needs a diverse, dedicated, and energetic group of people to lead it. Download the 2020-2021 Ballot Nomination Form and nominate yourself or someone you know today!

Lori Donrnbusch, SNS


Roy R. Pistone II, RDN,MEd, SNS


Lola Strickland, SNS


Kevin Thornton

Director Chair- Elect

Susan Triola, RD/LDN, SNS
Admin/Supervisory Chair

Angela Bush
Admin/Supervisory Chair- Elect

Jennifer Patrick
FS Employee/Manager Chair

Gary Gridley

SIP Representative

Jose C. Herreria
SIP Representative-Elect

Sara Rios

Region I Director

Marsha Nelson
Region II Director

Robenson Prime

Region III Director


Region IV Director

Lynn Geist, SNS

Region V Director

Cathy Uzar
Region VI Director  


Ron Taylor  
Region VII Director 

Connie Irby
Region II Director-Elect

Amy Medina 

Region IV Director-Elect


Bonnie Rawlins
Region VI Director-Elect

Lakeisha Hood

State Agency Advisor

Martina Brawer
Executive Director